Turn-Key Cloud Platform

A cloud platform compliant with CDR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, or ISO 27001 standards, providing security for your applications, data, and customers. Get a compliant and automated environment from the very start and accelerate your time-to-market.


Citadel Is For You

Whether you need a fully-automated audit-ready platform to fast-track your compliance goals, or you want to become an integral part of our solution as a partner, Citadel is for you.

For Customers

Meet compliance faster and benefit from ongoing maintenance of your environment, automatically kept up to date in line with changing regulations.

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For Partners

Become a valued Citadel partner through integration of an existing solution with Citadel, or by presenting Citadel to clients as a delivery partner.

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Simplify Compliance And Focus
On What Matters

Compliance is a must-have to protects your business and customers, but it doesn’t have to suck your time and resources dry. With Citadel, simplify and accelerate the process, while maintaining full control.


Deploy secure and compliant apps in days, not months. Reach a compliant end to end solution fast, with the infrastructure and DevSecOps pipeline taken care of.


We make the Compliance process easier, resulting in happy and productive Dev teams focussed entirely on application and business development.


Deploy secure and compliant apps in days, not months. Reach a compliant end to end solution fast with all the infrastructure and your DevSecOps pipeline taken care of.

A Citadel user shares the benefits of the platform.
Modular blueprints, automate delivery (CI/CD), Standardised environments, Migration and Auditing Support, Reduce and control your costs.
We achieved active status on CDR in weeks, instead of months.
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Meet Compliance Faster

Fast-track your compliance journey with secure cloud infrastructure, no matter which framework you require.


Become an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) and allow customers to safely and securely consent to sharing their data.

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Keep customers’ highly sensitive health information protected with data security.

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Take the complexity out of information gathering for your SOC 2 reports and security audits.

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Navigate through SAQs and ROCs to meet the global standard for cardholder information security for your business.

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ISO 27001

Have your security posture recognised globally by demonstrating high-level information security management.

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Don't take our word for it

”Instrumental to our growth”

"Citadel provides a cloud platform that is compliant to ensure our clients can run their applications and databases securely. It has helped us to modernise our client's applications and truly transform how they operate and scale on AWS."

Carlos Santini

”Focus on our core business”

“By working with Citadel and their partners to complete the ADR application process faster than we could’ve by ourselves, we can focus on our core business instead of the accreditation process.”

Elliott donazzan
CEO at Payble

“It accelerates time-to-market”

"We have been partnering with Citadel and applying its solution to most of our projects. It accelerates the delivery with automation and enables our team to start building and deploying quicker.

helder klemp
CEO at DNX Solutions

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You've got questions. We've got answers.

Which clouds do you work with?

At the moment our platform is designed only for AWS.

I'm still developing my applications, how can I make sure they are compliant?

Our integration partners and us will guide you and review your architecture to make sure your applications are designed in a way that is secure and compliant with the standards required.

My applications are already serving customer and now need to abide by a certain standard. Can I bring them over to Citadel?

Yes. You have full access to your environments and therefore can deploy any code there, but changes to the application architecture or code might be necessary to keep the level of compliance of the environment. We work with integration partners to help you in this process.V

I already have AWS environments with my applications running, can you add Citadel features on top of it without causing disruption?

To some extent, yes. We need to assess your environment to understand what can be done.A common scenario is when the AWS accounts are already following the Well-Architected pillars, so we implement features to remediate any possible gaps in the existing environments and work with you to add other features like SSO, VPN, Security Monitoring, etc.

Does Citadel have an UI?

Not yet, but we are currently developing one and will release for customers on Q3/2022

Do I have access to the code used to build my infrastructure and automations?

Yes. Citadel deploys infrastructure to your accounts using mostly Terraform and your team has full access to the code. You can make changes and deploy infrastructure at any time, or you can enforce a workflow to be followed.

Who does the AWS accounts created for Citadel belong to?

All AWS accounts and resources are created under your Organization, so you get control of the AWS bill.

How do I avoid "bill surprise" on AWS?

As part of Citadel, we also provide a setup to keep control of your bill with budget and anomaly detection alarms.