Citadel is an AWS Technology Partner

Leveraging native AWS security service components

Why it matters

Citadel is a cloud-native SaaS, that sets up and manages a customer's AWS environment, with relative ease. With the dynamic between Citadel and AWS best described as tightly coupled, Citadel utilises the most appropriate AWS services available to help you become secure and compliant faster. So when you choose Citadel, you get more.

Citadel: Your all-access pass to security and compliance on AWS

AWS GuardDuty

As a mandatory resource on the Audit AWS account, this threat detection service continuously monitors your AWS accounts and workloads for malicious activity, delivering detailed security findings for visibility
and remediation.

AWS Cloudtrail

This mandatory resource, enabled for compliance purposes on the Audit AWS account, monitors and records account activity across your infrastructure, giving you control over storage, analysis, and remediation actions.

Amazon Simple Notification Service

Citadel utilises Simple Notification Service (SNS) to centralise the sending of security notifications to admins from the security services configured in the Audit account.

AWS S3 Buckets

Citadel increases security and compliance by utilising S3 buckets to store log files and security events for long-term storage, centralising them in a single account isolated from others.

AWS SecurityHub

Highly-recommended on the Audit AWS account, this cloud security posture management service ensures continuous compliance by performing security best practice checks, aggregating alerts, and enabling automated remediation. This aggregates to all Citadel environments.

AWS Virtual Private Cloud

Citadel follows AWS best practices creating a 3-tier structure with Public, Private and Secure Subnets with Access Control between the tiers to restrict traffic. Multiple Availability-Zones are also leveraged to reach high-availability when running your applications.

AWS Identity and
Access Management

Increase internal security by specifying who or what can access services and resources in your AWS accounts, managing fine-grained permissions from a central location, and analysing access to refine permissions across AWS.

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