Citadel joins the AWS ISV Accelerate Program

Media Release
March 16, 2023

Citadel, a native Amazon Web Services (AWS) security and compliance platform, today announced it has joined the AWS Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners that provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS.

“Our continued collaboration with AWS is of strategic importance to Citadel. Given our new status as an AWS ISV Accelerate Program Partner, we look forward to doubling-down with AWS and continuing to invest in ensuring we remain on the forefront of innovation in the security, compliance and governance space with AWS,"
Mark Ghiasy, Head of Go to market for Citadel.

Citadel's membership in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program validates Citadel, as a leading solution provider that offers differentiated value for AWS customers. The program provides Citadel with co-sell support and benefits to meet customer needs through collaboration with AWS field sellers globally. Co-selling provides better customer outcomes and assures mutual commitment from AWS and Citadel.

Mr Ghiasy goes on to say; "Coupled with AWS Marketplace, we are providing both AWS customers and AWS field salespeople with another option to procure best in class security and compliance software." AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, test, buy, and deploy the third-party software they want with the simplified procurement and controls they need.

Citadel is a native AWS security and compliance SaaS that sits within the customer’s environment. It automatically sets up a best practice environment, using the AWS well-architected framework, which describes key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud, as a foundation, with additional governance layered on top. Customers can self-select an industry standard compliance module, such as PCI or ISO 27001 for instance, to measure their compliance score.

With a diagnostic workflow, customers can triage issues to increase their baseline when there is compliance drift. All this allows them to ensure they operate with a high security and compliance watermark. Should they choose to get an audit, Citadel’s software helps automate a lot of the manual effort required to get audited, thus reducing the time and total costs of being audited. Citadel also works with audit partners to provide an end to service capability.


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