The FinTech Report Podcast: Citadel

September 15, 2022

The guest on this episode of The Fintech Podcast is Bo Melin, Business Development Manager at Bo has 20 years experience of IT leadership roles, working in Sweden, US, Germany, Australia, Norway, and Thailand. Top competencies are Program and Project Management, QA, business and process analysis; Bo Combines deep technical knowledge with extensive business experience. Bo is a Professional trainer at IBM, and a number of Universities. He has experience across a broad range of industries: Banking, insurance, government, public utilities, Retail, Telecom – all impacted by CDR and Open banking.

In this episode we cover:

Bo's background and experienceExplaining the Citadel and DNX Solutions value proposition - “Democratise cloud technology”

Who are Citadel's customers in fintech and financial services?

What key issues does Citadel solve for customers? Why do fintechs & FSIs work with Citadel?

Why “the cherry on the cake” is the open banking Key issues around Open Banking, especially compliance – and why DNX has launched It’s a turn-key solution for business’s compliance needs; Citadel is a platform, which is fully compliant and fine-tuned for CDR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 standards.

What’s the opportunity from CDR and Open Banking: what’s the opportunity for fintechs and banks?

CDR – what’s the opportunity in the long term?


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