Turn-Key Partner series: Accessing CDR faster with Adatree


March 2, 2023

In this episode of the Citadel Turn-Key Partner series, we discuss the benefits of CDR as well as how Adatree helps customers access CDR data and store it securely by leveraging Citadel’s compliance solution. Hear how Adatree and Citadel band together to remove barriers, which has resulted in achieving access to CDR data in just 4 weeks for one client.

Watch more episodes in the series to learn how Citadel works with partners to make reaching compliance a simple and stress-free process for CDR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, and ISO27001 standards.

Guest: Zach Williams, Head of Sales and Partnerships, Adatree

Host: Patricia Bronizio, Growth Marketing Specialist, DNX Solutions


00:00 Introduction

01:35 What is CDR and why it is so important

02:50 How does Adatree work with Citadel to improve the CDR process?

03:35 What the partnership looks like in a real-world example?

06:06 What makes Adatree special?

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